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Are you scared of meeting your online date for the first time? Here are some tips to help you feel relaxed and ready.     Online dating at any age is a tough prospect. When you’re a senior, chances are you’ve come out of a long-term relationship and just aren’t used to meeting people to date. Maybe you had a tough divorce... read more

Follow Martha Stewart’s lead and join an online dating site. It’s okay to define your own terms, too.   Everyone’s doing it. Everyone who’s single, that is. Even Martha Stewart has now joined millions of other singles and subscribed to an online dating site. So what have you got to lose?   The American entrepreneur... read more

Your age isn’t a hindrance to your dating life. It’s quite the opposite, and here’s why.   Dating can be a scary undertaking at any age. As a senior, you wonder if your age becomes an obstacle to ever finding love again. You might think that others won’t find you as attractive as they would a younger man or woman,... read more

Creating an enticing profile is easier than you think.   You’ve joined a new online dating site, but you’re wondering exactly what to say in your profile. You want to come across as attractive, fun, and a great date, but the blank page has got you stumped. What do you say about yourself? Do you talk about your kids?... read more

If you are a senior finding yourself back in the dating scene once more, there are many things you should know. If it’s been awhile since you last dated, you may not be aware of how intimidating the marketplace can be today. While online dating now makes it possible to broaden your horizons of who you meet and date, it also means... read more

Go places only when – and where – you feel comfortable enough to. Senior dating sites have certainly made things easier than they used to be. Not so long ago, you had to head out for a night on the town or walk up to complete strangers to find a regular date. Now, you can simply sign up for a senior dating site and have... read more

Online dating doesn’t have to feel like you’re dating blind. Did you know that online senior dating sites are among the fastest growing websites in the world, giving the senior set more options than ever before. Along with those options come plenty of other considerations. Safety, dependability, personal preferences and... read more

Dating again can be daunting for a divorced or widowed person. As a senior, there is a good chance you have lost your partner to divorce or death and find yourself back into the dating pool at an older age. In a way, this is more difficult than it was when you were dating as a teenager. Back then, you didn’t know what you wanted... read more

That tool of dating sites, the Personality Test, helps you find someone compatible. Thanks to modern medicine and technology, seniors are living longer these days and that means many are looking for more ways to connect and enjoy life. The Internet makes this possible in new ways that we never had before. For example, did you know... read more

Liking the same activities is what makes a good date. Here are our top tips for seniors on finding love and romance through online dating site.  It’s no surprise then that many senior men and women are using online websites to help them find dating partners and to search for romantic relationships. Many seniors are now discovering... read more