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Go places only when – and where – you feel comfortable enough to.

Senior dating sites have certainly made things easier than they used to be. Not so long ago, you had to head out for a night on the town or walk up to complete strangers to find a regular date. Now, you can simply sign up for a senior dating site and have plenty of dating options that match your interests sent right to your inbox. These dating websites can be incredibly helpful to someone that has been out of the dating game for quite some time. Most seniors fall into that group. As helpful as those websites can be, there are still some things that seniors should be aware of going in.

Pick the right senior dating site

The first thing you should know is that picking the right senior dating site is very important. Not all of these websites are out there to actually help you out. Some of these dating websites are scams in date night clothing. You have to do your due diligence to ensure that you are signing up with the right one. The easiest way to do this is to sign up with popular sites that have a strong web presence. When you put their name into Google, you should be able to easily find information about them. Checking with the BBB in your area is not a bad idea either.

Another key to ensuring you have a decent website is to find contact information and use it. Before I sign up with a website like this I try to use their customer service numbers up front. If you are unable to get in touch with someone, or you have trouble getting a response, then you likely are dealing with a company that is not going to make you happy. Always ensure you can get somebody on the phone and talk about your sign up. If you can, then at least you know they are legit in trying to help you find a date.

Make sure the terms are clear as well. If you are paying for a membership, make sure you know exactly what is needed to cancel if you choose to do so. These types of questions will keep you safe from the site itself.

Stay safe on your date

The real dangers come when you do not think things through and trust too much too early. Just like any other dating situation, you want to use your common sense with these dating sites. Do not count on the website to thoroughly check these folks out because that is not realistic to think that they could. Simply look at everyone with a discerning eye and you will be fine. Here are some common tips that will help you out:

  • Never give out your private information to your date right away. This is perhaps the worst mistake that one can make. Never, ever give out your private information to anybody online. If you are going to share things like phone numbers, addresses and real names, you need to make certain you have built a relationship with them. Do not do this until you have gotten to know them in safe locations over a period of time.
  • Always go on your first few dates with someone in a public place. If you can work out a double date with a couple you know, that would be awesome. Double dates are a great way to ensure you are safe and sound during a first date. Never go to your own home for a first date and never reveal where you live right away. That privacy will be golden down the road if you decide you don’t really think the date went well. Some people have ulterior motives as well, so keeping that stuff private is a good idea. Also respect their rights to privacy as well.
  • Use a false name when you fill out your online profile. This allows you to control when and where people learn about you. In today’s world of Facebook and other online social websites, a real name can lead people to a world of information about you. Keep that stuff to yourself until you are sure you like and trust someone on a senior dating website.
  • One really neat thing about a senior dating site is the forums and chat rooms. This allows a person to come in a virtual room online and talk about various topics. You can then see how people deal with a group, and also see how others respond to various subjects. It is a great way to dip your virtual toe in the water and learn about others. Eventually you may feel like joining in anonymously and have a great time. It is an easy place to interact if you are shy. You might be surprised at what you learn about someone when they are not aware you are looking.
  • Be especially wary of anyone that is overly pushy or forward.  Even though you are on a website of other senior singles, you should still weed out the bad apples the same way you would in real life. The ones that are pushy are usually bad news, so you should simply move along and reveal nothing.
  • Take your conversations nice and slow. Nothing says you have to rush through your online activities, so take your time and do it right. If you find the right match, they will reveal themselves in due time.
  • Make sure you have an emergency contact standing by at a minimum on that first date. This person can be available to come to your aid, make a phone call, pick you up or even simply come and run interference if things go bad during the date. If you are not double dating, this should be a minimum line of safety. Having a backup is never a bad thing.
  • Bring your own transportation if at all possible. This is a very good way to ensure that you have an escape route if things don’t go well. If things are bad, simply get in the car and head off into the sunset. This allows you some feeling of ease as you go through that first date or two. Your date likely has some plan of action in place as well so don’t feel bad.
  • Whatever you do, avoid alcohol and other things that can cloud your judgment. The last thing you need is to be with a stranger, drunk and out of your element. Use common sense and leave all that stuff behind for now.

Staying safe after the date

Many people buy one of those portable cell phones that do not require a contract for dating services. This way you have no information tying back to you when you give out your number. This can be handy if you are dating online a lot and want to be able to talk to people. Think about getting one of these and use it to get in touch after a date.

Remain alert and vigilant on the way home. Some predators will follow people after a date to try and get information about them. If you notice someone following you, phone the local police and have them track you. It is far better to be safe than sorry.